How Do You Sell Stocks in South Africa?

South Africa is among Africa’s main profitability centers. The nation is well-known for its strong financial system and advanced currency sector that are strictly controlled. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the country’s major stock exchange, is ranked 19th globally by market capitalization, which exceeds $1 trillion. Commodities listed on the JSE can be transacted immediately on the marketplace, through local stock traders, or as contracts-for-difference (CFD) assets on internet trading systems. When compared to trading stocks on exchanges, trading equities as CFD assets has several advantages.

Why Should You Use CFDs to Trade Shares?

Trading south Africa is completely legal and you can trade multiple times using a single platform, including ThinkMarkets’ MT4/MT5 and ThinkTrader platforms. You have the option to trade with leverage. ThinkMarkets is one such broker that provides CFD leveraged trading on stock CFDs.The elements on the graphs may be used to undertake stock analysis on the stock you want to trade. Trading CFDs on stocks is free of commission and taxes. While trading, you merely pay the premium and keep all of your earnings with yourself. So CEDs seem profitable for buyers’ side. You have the option to trade with leverage. ThinkMarkets is one such broker that provides CFD leveraged trading on stock CFDs.

You may make money from both growing and declining prices. Use purchase orders to profit from rising prices and sell orders to gain profit from dropping prices.

The Legal Environment in South Africa for Trading Share CFDs

According to the European Securities and Markets Authority, opening and operating a CFD share trading account with the UK or EU-based brokerages, which many South African traders utilizing, is now much more pricey. The establishment of ThinkMarkets’ South African business has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for traders in South Africa and throughout Africa to trade shares as CFDs. ThinkMarkets South Africa gives you the best of both worlds. You not only benefit from excellent regulation and trader protection, but you also trade share CFDs with considerable leverage. In MT4/MT5, click the “Show” button to choose the stock you wish to trade, then use the different order buttons to buy or sell the stock using any of the instant or pending orders.

The Symbol tab is used to make the stock available for trading. To access this function, go to View -> Symbol or press Ctrl + U. If the dollar icon next to stock is grey, it signifies the stock is now unavailable for trading. By clicking once on the stock name and then on the SHOW tab. You may also execute a double-click on the stock name. The color of the dollar icon will change from grey to gold.

How to Conduct Certain Important Stock Trading Tasks

  • Putting an Indicator and Open a Stock Chart

Open the chart of stock you’re interested in to set.  On the chart, you can now add indicators. If you wish to add a daily average indication to the chart, select Insert -> Indicators -> Trend -> Moving Average from the menu bar.

  • Order Entry Trade Execution

To trade a stock, click the New Order tab or press the F9 button and scroll down the list of stocks. Alternatively, you may open the stock’s chart as mentioned above, then right-click on it and select the New Order tab from the dropdown menu.


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