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12 Ways To Leverage Instagram Reels For Business


Are you wondering “how to use Reels on Instagram?”

These are the 12 best ways that GoViral has enlisted with which you can leverage Instagram Reels and grow your business by providing customer-centric content:

1. Inspire, inspire, inspire!

We’ll admit it: Inspiration is all we require to be motivated, and Insta is no different. If there’s one thing you need to be aware of about Instagram, most followers follow accounts to be invigorated. It could be about health or wealth or career, relationships, etc. – however, Instagram followers interact with companies and influencers to improve their lives in a certain way.

You can make inspiring reels to assist your followers in getting started and succeeding in what they are looking for.

2. Show and reveal

If you have a business, advertise it. Let the world know what you’re offering. No, it does not have to be the product. While demos of products are fantastic, you can showcase your services, too.

3. Educate your target audience

If you consider Instagram Reels, you’re thinking of engagement. What’s a better method to increase employment than sharing informative content. Tips and tricks, how-tos, and tutorials work well to increase the number of followers through Insta.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a perfect example of a business that uses Instagram Reels to educate its customers and followers about the benefits of using their own Echinacea roots to make a healthy, immune-boosting tea.

4. Show your pride in your community

Everyone needs a bit of community-based love to make progress. This love can be expressed via Instagram Reels is one hell of a way to increase your followers. Offer a shout-out to other companies or customers and inform your followers of what your customers appreciate about your products, or even better – incorporate your followers on your Reels. Nothing is as authentic as this.

5. Go behind the scenes

Are you looking to make your brand more relatable? Let your customers experience the behind-the-scenes of your brand through your Reels. It’s your magic wand to improve your relationships. From sharing the day in the lives of your team members to sharing the process of making the perfect product or service that you’re proud of. With BTS content, you’ll be able to make a splash with your Instagram Reels and gain some credibility in the process.

  1.  Send some stories.

People love breaking news. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new launch, a special offer that’s due to go live, or a high-profile reward your business received, make sure to share the news via your Instagram Reels, and you’ll be able to attract many new followers.

7. Keep the fun keep the fun

One of the most effective methods to spice up the content on your Reels is to provide entertaining content periodically. While it’s great to be serious about business, having a few fun moments can help build a connection with your viewers. If it’s a pre-and after video or an impromptu blooper, entertaining and fun content is an excellent content source to fill your Insta Reels schedule.

8. Get started on a new trend

Okay, we’ve all heard that following trends is essential for boosting engagement on Instagram, but how do you begin with a movement?

Consider it your primary goal in gaining followers on Instagram. 

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9. Find out what they are looking to find out

Instagram Reels provide you with an ideal platform to answer the questions that your followers would like to know. Create a question bank, and include the most frequently asked questions. Perhaps, you can create a series and answer all of these questions using an easy 15 to 30 seconds Instagram Reel.

10. Advertise your contests and giveaways

Another successful method for Instagram Reels is to advertise your giveaways or contests. Because Reels of public accounts can be found within the Explore feed, the chances of getting more views increase by using Reels. The more views there are, the more the involvement, and therefore greater engagement.

11. Start the FOMO

Attracting your audience’s attention isn’t as simple as one might believe. It can be difficult when so many companies are trying to create Instagram videos that are more powerful than before. However, you can still generate an element of FOMO (fear of being left out) and make some excitement about your product or service to stand out from the crowd.

12. Challenge them

Exhilarating challenges can be thrilling. They force you to work to be better. When you organize challenges, your efforts are one of the first steps towards having more followers. Therefore, pick an appropriate song or product and ask your followers to participate in the challenge.

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