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Singing Bowl For Meditation – All That You Wanted To Know


Singing bowls have been around for quite some time now. And, for a reason. It goes without saying that sounds occupy an important position in the lives of human beings. It is a sensory feeling, which helps one to communicate. The bowls bring about communication between the universal cosmos and the beings in question. You will find such bowls being used regularly in various spiritual sessions, meditation sessions, and yoga as well. The teacher often strikes the bowl with a mallet, and then rotate the mallet around the rim of the bowl. The movements emit sounds that can heal the mind and body. The Singing bowl for meditation is quite effective in the truest sense.

How Do The Singing Bowls Work?

You can use a mallet to either strike the bowl, or play along the rim. You can call it the rubbing motion or a direct strike. When you do either of these, the sounds that come are resonance. When the mallet is not in contact with the bowl any longer, it leads to the sound. Most singing bowls are made of brass or its alloys. Some bowls are made from an alloy of seven metals, including brass. There are handmade ones as well as machine-made ones. The metal composition, the type of mallet you are using, and the size and weight of the bowl, also make a difference. If you fill the bowls with water, the resulting sound id different, as well. When water is present inside the bowl, the sounds that emanate out of the same are deeper. Moreover, the resonance is also longer.

Singing Bowl For Meditation

You may hear different names associated with the singing bowls, like Tibetan singing bowls, Himalayan Singing bowls, and so on. They provide deep relaxation and also have numerous other healing properties. There are in use since times immemorial. You must have seen Buddhist monks in action. They are also used by massage therapists, musicians, and yoga experts.

You can deepen your practice, with the help of the singing bowl. Singing bowls or sound baths have an immersive effect on the human mind, body, as well as the soul. They have been known to lessen the effects of stress, anxiety and tension as well.

You should know as a fact that most diseases like diabetes, cardiac diseases and inflammation happen due to excessive stress. Meditation, yoga, and other holistic practices will help you to get ease and stress-free. When you listen to th sounds that emanate from the bowl, contributes to the lowering of blood pressure and also reduces the perception of pain.

There are several theories doing the rounds, regarding the entry of sounds into the brain’s electrical impulses. It can lead to complete relaxation when you are trying to enter a meditative state. Sound is said to retune the vibrations of the mind. Using a Singing bowl for meditation is something that people are doing for ages and it is still around.

It works in the same way as melodious music. Some research works are of the opinion that sounds and melodies have the power to direct the brain towards a Theta state. You must also note that the human body is made up of 70 percent water. The sound waves can travel through the body, even when the incumbent is not paying attention. So, it can unmindfully heal the person concerned. That is why, even when you are not listening to some melody, and it just plays in the background, you will feel happy and calm.

Types of Bowls Available

You will come across a wide variety of singing bowls at Holistic Kart. They include the brass casted singing bowl in golden colour, black colour, and blue colour. You can also lay your hands on handcrafted singing bowls. The metals are made of several alloys, that include tin, brass, copper, lead, iron, brass, bronze, and many more. The metals also correspond to the planets such as Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Sun, as well as Saturn.

You will get the best Tibetan singing bowl for meditation today, in a wide variety of sizes. Choose one that suits your needs. When struck, the bowls release a sound that resembles the universal ‘Ommm’. It is one of the first sounds that originated on earth. It tends to calm the mind in entirety and also makes you cool.

Benefits Of Singing Bowls

·         The first benefit of a singing bowl, is that it relaxes the mind and body. That is why sound baths have become so popular today. It is a deeply immersive experience that resembles the sounds produced by musical instruments.

·         The sound waves can heal the mind, in more ways than one. The waves are associated with deeply meditative states.

·         The sounds can also reduce the realization of pain.

·         The sounds can also give a boost to your mental health.

·         Singing bowls have the power to relax both sides of the brain and thus leads to the removal of toxins and blockages.

·         These bowls also have the power to cleanse negative energy.

You should always ensure to buy the singing bowl for meditation from a trusted seller, like Holistic Kart. They sell authentic bowls which will give you all the above therapeutic benefits.

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