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What Job Avenues Are Available After Pursuing a Data Science Course?


The data science study is gaining immense popularity with increased tech discoveries and integration into mainstream functioning. This course is about gaining expertise in handling data sets, building predictive models and automated machine systems, and forecasting business performance possibilities with data science tools and technologies. Pursuing a data science career is rewarding and provides ample opportunities for the individual. Individuals have several reasons for pursuing a data scientist course in Pune. The reason can be upskilling or a career switch into the data science field for better professional growth. This article highlights the job descriptions, needed skills, and payscale for a data science professional.

  • Data Scientist

These professionals are responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing large data sets to extract suitable insights. To perform this action, they need to have proficiency in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, which they apply while performing this task. The specific skill set that is demanded for this job role is big data analytics, advanced data analytics, knowledge of ML algorithms, machine learning, AI, etc.

  • Constructing and making predictive prototypes live
  • Conduct statistical analysis
  • Data visualization using tools


The salary range of the data scientist starts from 3.8 LPA to 28 LPA, depending on the experience level.

  • Data Analyst

Analysts are the professionals who carry out data analysis specifically. It is not only limited to the data analysis. The data analyst is supposed to translate the analyzed data into readable formats and interpret it to the stakeholders for decision-making. So, the prime job responsibilities include:

  • Data sourcing
  • Data sampling, cleansing, and categorization
  • Data imaging
  • Deciphering the data sets for the trends and patterns
  • Data imaging
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Mining
  • Programming
  • Business Analysis with Hypothesis Metrics
  • Quality assurance, and Project management

Data Analysts have been known to start from 3 LPA to 20 LPA depending on the experience.

The data analysts earn between 3 LPA to 20 LPA.

  • Data Engineer

Data engineers would need to extract and process the data sets These clean datasets are subsequently used by data scientists and data analysts primarily. They control the database design and automate it and also, data cleansing. A listing from the principal job reads:

  • Data Accession
  • Improving data dependent, better performance, and democratization of data
  • Utilizing Sophisticated statistical and analytical methods
  • Building an automation framework
  • Pulling Business Intelligence Out Of Big Data

Data engineer has the chance of getting around 3.5 LPA to 20.9 LPA.

  • System Architect

These professionals are accountable for constructing and outlining the platforms where data set dealings take place. In simpler words, as per the name, they have a platform architecture role to contribute. The detailed list of tasks that they perform are:

  • Structuring data and information at multiple hierarchies
  • Plan and work on platform architecture approach
  • Building storage structures for data sets
  • Sustaining data governance
  • Incorporating new systems into the platform architecture
  • Constructing relational and non-relational databases
  • Generation, administration, execution, and handling of data structures
  • Expertise in CRM & ERP 
  • BI Analyst

The business intelligence analyst generally knows data science and business affairs. They talk about the critical standards of businesses. Thus, typically acts as a mediator between data science findings and business impacts. The primary job roles of BI analysts are:

  • Construct dashboards & business summary outline
  • Assisting and conserving business intelligence systems
  • Checking functionality, health & availability
  • Mechanization of operations and release task
  • Suggesting feedback for the betterment and enhancement of analytics methods
  • Integrating big data analytics into the existing systems
  • Minimizing data errors

The salary range of the BI analysts starts from 6 LPA to 45 LPA, depending on the experience level.

  • AI/ML Engineer

Becoming an AI/ML engineer requires particular and intricate skill sets. The individual needs to work with advanced methods and techniques compared to other job profiles. This position involves the designing of some high-performance advanced automated systems. This system is expected to carry out the task when instructions are given. The job illustration of AI/ML engineer includes:

  • Interpretation of business goals and designing AI/ML models
  • Conducting appropriate R&D to generate high-performing systems
  • Explaining data augmentation channels
  • Properly preparing the prototypes and fine-tuning their microparameters
  • Sending models to production
  • Deep Learning
  • Model Deployment
  • NLP
  • Cloud Computing
  • Programming

The salary range of the AI/ML engineer starts from 3.5 LPA to 26 LPA, depending on the experience level.


The data science field has unlimited job opportunities for every individual. These opportunities can be explored by both tech and domain-specific individuals. It completely depends on your interests and ability to choose the genre of the job type. The job types are primarily technical, analytical, and experimental. Pursuing the best data science courses in Pune can illuminate your mind to take up the appropriate roles.


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