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Are you fear of Mouthguard and Primal Great Tips for it


Have you ever been startled by something terrifying with big sharp teeth? Sports psychologists speculate that fear can destroy the opponent’s will in athletic competition. Imagine looking across the ring to see a fighter with the appearance of fangs. Would your choice to compete be affected? Now, this terrifying imagery is possible with the Fang Mouthguard instead of the other bland sports mouthguards. Is there some primal fear of fangs?

Primal Fear

In the animal world, aggression and the instinct to fight are displayed by exposing teeth to the adversary or prey. We all have been told to the sense of intimidation and fear when we see exposed large sharp teeth. Movies often use imagery to get our senses aroused. In the Jaws movie, you may remember the feeling in the pit of your stomach as you saw “Jaws” dark mouth filled with greedy, jagged teeth before attacking the helpless swimmer?

Industrial stainless steel teeth also created a scary image in the James Bond films The Spy Who Loved Moonraker and Me. This “Jaws character” chewed through any material and killed his victims by biting through their Jugular veins. In the darkest of nights, consider the vision of the Vampire who drains your blood to feed after his fangs pierce his victim’s neck. The sudden appearance of the Wierwolf’s exposed canniness also creates disturbing images. Of course, more fang imagery such as dogs, snakes, and spiders with fangs can do us serious harm. It is the realm of the mouthguard fangs.


If there is a primal fear of fangs, then a fang mouthguard with scary sharp teeth might give an athlete the confidence and extra power to terrorize their opponents. Perhaps there could be a mental edge from a mouthguard with fangs. For the athlete needing to be meaner and really someone to fear, the fang mouthguard’s intimidation might be the difference between winning and losing.

Show your opponent this incredible display of power and aggression and let your opponent know right away that you are someone to fear. Science has not yet proved that a fangs mouthguard really does cause fear in opponents, but intuitively, it does make sense that there could be a competitive edge when you look scary.

Athletes using the Fang Mouth Guard

So who is using these fang mouthguards? You may be surprised to learn that Miami Heat superstar Lebron James used his specially designed fangs mouthguard to adorn his already imposing presence during the 2010-2011 season. The vampire-like fangs mouthpiece is extremely popular with Mixed Martial Athletes (MMA).

While watching a UFC event, you will likely see fighters wearing custom mouthguards, many with fangs as they try to intimidate their opponents. Some of the famous professional MMA fighters wearing fang mouthguards are Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy and Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski.

Not only is the design excellent, but the fang mouthguard makes it appear like you have sharp teeth capable of terrorizing your opponent. The attack mode is shown in the animal world by displaying teeth with a growl, a natural with the MMA fighters. Now in high demand, these protective fang mouthpieces are steadily increasing in popularity.

Your Fang Mouthguard Options

  • The dentist-supervised custom laboratory fabricated fang mouthguard is most likely to give you the best in fit, comfort, and protection.
  • Many athletes choose to make their impression and have a make their custom Fang mouthguard. It saves the time and cost of a dentist visit, and you still get a laboratory custom mouthpiece.
  • Another less costly option is the entry-level boil and bite option, as the Title Fang Polyshock. The user heats the Fang Mouthguard in hot water for this mouthguard and molds the mouthpiece to fit.

While contact sports such as football, hockey, and rugby are natural for these intimidating mouthguards. So expect to see more primal fear as the Fang Mouthguard shows up in all sports.

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