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Facial Slimming Singapore: What is Facial Slimming and does it Even Work?


Facial slimming is a cosmetic procedure that tackles fat and loose skin on the face and neck. The fat layer under the skin is targeted through methods such as radiofrequency, cryolipolysis, ultrasonic-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), fractional co2 laser photothermolysis (FDP), and many more for fat cell destruction. 

The result is an improvement in facial appearance, which would include fewer wrinkles, fewer sagging areas on the face and neck regions. Learn the qualifications of aesthetic doctors who can help with facial slimming in Singapore on this page:

How does Facial Slimming Work?

The principle behind fat reduction treatments is simple: heat kills fat cells…and this works by means of thermal injury to selective fat cells that result in their necrosis (death). When these unwanted fat cells are destroyed, they will be reabsorbed by your body over time.

Facial slimming can be used safely on most people; however, there are some precautions to keep in mind. You should not attempt facial slimming if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have active skin disease, infection, or tumor currently present on the treated area
  • Have a medical history of abnormal scarring (keloids)

You will also need to take care that your skin is well protected from direct exposure to sunlight after treatment. A sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 must be worn each day for several days post-treatment. This is because continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays can bring about hyper-pigmentation and cause dark spots to appear on your face as a result.

Does Facial Slimming Actually Work?

One of the most asked questions about facial slimming in Singapore is; “does facial slimming actually work?” Well, yes; facial slimming does work. Many people who have undergone the procedure are happy with their new look and feel that it is more suitable for their lifestyles. 

If you are able to stick to a proper skincare routine post-treatment, you can expect to see good results in time after your treatments. Just so you know, choosing to undergo a facial slimming treatment may be a brilliant decision if;

  • You feel that your face is too chubby or too “round”: The treatment will probably be able to rid you of your unattractive fat, so it might improve the way other people see you.
  • You are healthy enough for surgery but don’t want to go under the knife: Surgery is dangerous, and scars may be left behind after it; laser machine facial slimming treatment is much safer when compared to surgical procedures such as a facelift or eye bag removal (blepharoplasty).
  • Finding it difficult to manage your facial skin, especially after having a baby or hitting menopause: During these times, your skin may change for the worse due to hormonal changes. Facial slimming treatment is a good way to maintain healthy and young-looking skin while enjoying other benefits such as losing excess fats or lifting sagging muscles.
  • Your weight has been fluctuating a lot: Perhaps you have been going through a rough time lately where you lost some weight and kept it off, but then ended up gaining it all back along with more? If that’s the case, then facial slimming in Singapore could do you good because it will target loose skin areas directly underneath your fat layer. The result is a tighter facial appearance which makes you look younger too.

It must be noted that results vary depending on the person. The more loose skin and fats there are on your face, the faster you’ll see results. On average, eight sessions may be needed for you to get the desired result. After treatment, some people who have undergone facial slimming procedures can forgo wearing makeup as they look great without it.

The cost of Facial Slimming in Singapore 

Facial slimming in Singapore isn’t a necessarily expensive treatment. Costs average $650 per session but definitely worth it. Of course, it also depends on the area you want to target and if you choose to combine it with other treatments such as laser skin resurfacing or eye bag removal.

When choosing a facial slimming clinic in Singapore, make sure that you check their qualifications first before anything else. This means finding out whether they are registered under the relevant governing bodies like the “Medical Council” or “Treatment Framework.” You will want an experienced doctor to help you through your treatment; ask them how many procedures they’ve performed already and what kinds of results people get after undergoing their program (before and after photos). Moreover, take note of the number of people working at the clinic because this can indicate how much attention you will get.

Spend time researching before you book an appointment because your face is in the hands of whoever is administering the facial slimming treatment. Find out more about their company, how long they have been in business, and most importantly, if there have been any cases of complications arising from their treatments (remember to check for complaints too). It would be best to read reviews by actual users so you can tell whether they are happy with their services or not; make sure that these reviews are actually valid though (not fake ones written by their own people) since there’s nothing worse than trusting someone who isn’t honest.

While it may cost you a pretty penny to get this procedure done, keep in mind that it can give you a real boost in the looks department. Whether you are starting to feel self-conscious about fine lines or deep wrinkles, loose skin, or sagging muscles, facial slimming treatment may very well be the right choice for you.

You will be able to eliminate all the extra fats that keep on bulging from one area of your face, and this will give you a chance to have the facial contour that you have always wanted without having to resort to surgical procedures, which can cost you even more money.

The Bottom Line

Facial slimming does work as a facial rejuvenation procedure for many patients. While it is dangerous to rely on advertisements and reviews alone, you will still be able to find a reputable clinic that is skilled in performing this cosmetic surgery by doing proper research. In any case, always remember that looking good doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag attached unless you’re talking about plastic surgeries, where prices vary widely depending on what kind of procedure you are opting for.

At Harmony Aesthetics Clinic, we offer a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures that our patients can choose from to help them achieve the looks they’ve been longing for. We have board-certified plastic surgeons that are registered under the relevant governing bodies to ensure that our patients get nothing but top-notch services. If you want to find out more about our treatment options, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly answer all your questions. Call: +65 6970 5418.

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