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Fantasy Cricket App Ranking – 6 Must-Know Techniques to Win Daily Fantasy


When it comes to fantasy cricket, there are so many apps to choose from! Most of them have similar features, so how do you know which one is the best fantasy cricket app? The answer may be quite surprising; some of the best fantasy cricket apps on Android or iOS don’t even deal with live matches, but instead allow you to play fantasy cricket matches based on stats and matches played in the past. So what are the best fantasy cricket apps out there? Let’s take a look at six of them here…

Strategy #1 – Pick Up Undervalued Players

There are certain players who will go underlooked or overlooked for a myriad of reasons. This is especially true of overseas players, many of whom aren’t known quantities here in America. The key is staying on top of how your opponents are drafting their teams and then using that information to your advantage. If someone is eschewing an Indian batsman or allrounder, grab him if you have room on your roster! There’s no downside. If he performs, great – he was probably fairly cheap anyway – and if he doesn’t, well, you weren’t counting on him anyway.

Strategy #2 – Pay Attention to Weather Forecasts

Weather can be a major factor in deciding which team members perform best on any given day. Don’t try and make decisions based on last season or even last week’s matches; instead, pay attention to how the weather has affected matches over time and factor that into your predictions. For example, it’s easier for batsmen (meaning those who hit) to score runs in rainy conditions because there is less bounce from soggy pitches. The same theory applies for bowlers – if their balls have an easier time skidding through wet conditions without bouncing too high, then they will generally have a higher scoring potential as well. There are certain weather conditions that almost always favor one player type over another – so pay attention!

Strategy #3 – Value Tiers

Value tiers are a great way to get a jump on selecting players for your fantasy cricket roster. Each day, DraftKings updates a daily price pool that is broken into tiers based on each player’s price. For example, there might be seven value tiers priced from $6,000 – $9,500. The players within each tier are worth between 25 and 50 points in DraftKings scoring. In order to win at 

daily fantasy cricket, it’s important to try and take advantage of value tiers while also staying away from expensive studs whose prices don’t accurately reflect their ability levels. With only four positions on a team roster, it can be easy to allocate too much salary towards one position while ignoring other areas that need more production.

Strategy #4 – Form vs. Fixture (Predictable vs. Unpredictable Teams)

While both form and fixture are factors when picking your best fantasy cricket app players, make sure you don’t get too caught up in one or another. Just because a team won (or lost) last game doesn’t mean they will win (or lose) their next game. For example, look at Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh earlier in 2017. While there was only 1 game between these teams during that time period, Sri Lanka won that game by 5 wickets despite their generally worse ratings than Bangladesh during 2017. The reason for their win had more to do with factors like overall form and net run rate than anything else.

Strategy #5 – Do Not Overrate the Last Match Performances

Just because someone performs well in one match doesn’t mean they will do so in another. Factors like home-ground advantage, injuries, weather conditions are bound to change. Even if they don’t, there are bound to be players who you have never seen before on either team who will play with absolute passion and vigor that might completely turn things around for their team. You just can’t underestimate anyone or anything in fantasy cricket!

Strategy #6 – Follow These Daily Fantasy Tips & Tricks

You’ve decided that fantasy cricket is for you. You have a few friends in your league, so you can use them as guinea pigs when testing out new strategies. The only way you’ll truly know what works and what doesn’t is if you try things out in real games with actual money on the line. Don’t be afraid to adjust over time, either. Depending on how well your team performs, things like game scoring rules might change over time. This one seems pretty straightforward, but it’s an important point worth repeating: Be sure to use these tips and tricks while playing DFS cricket! And don’t forget about strategy.

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