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Stickman Skater: Perform Tricks on Your Skateboard


The ollie is probably the most important basic trick to know when you’re skateboarding. It’s when you push hard with one foot and jump upwards to flip your board horizontally in the air.Stick man Platformer includes a leaderboard that lets players compete with other players from around the world. 

A backside 180 is a very stylish and useful basic trick to do. It’s when you turn your board with your shoulders.


Heelflip is a skateboard trick that involves spinning your board with the heel of your front foot while doing an ollie. This is an advanced skateboard trick that requires a lot of practice to master. Once you have mastered the Heelflip, you can start to experiment with other tricks for even more impressive stunts.

The Heelflip is a difficult trick to learn and should be treated as a challenge by any skater who wants to improve their skills. It is important to understand how the board flips and where your feet are placed in the air to prevent injury and make it easier to land. Ideally, a Heelflip should be performed while moving forward to increase the speed of the flip and help you achieve a better landing.

Once you have mastered the basics of a Heelflip, you can try to perform it while standing still. This can be more difficult because it will require you to adjust your body position in the air and is more likely to fall backward or behind your skateboard. It is also helpful to bend your knees when you land, as this will help reduce the impact and protect your knees from being injured.

To begin, you will need to push off with your back foot and then ollie. As you do this, you should slide your front foot off the board diagonally. Many beginners are confused about how to do this, as they usually kick down or north with their front foot when performing an ollie. It is crucial to remember that you must slide your front foot off diagonally to ensure the Heelflip flips properly.

Once your board has flipped, you can catch it with your back foot. Make sure to do this slowly and carefully to avoid falling off your skateboard or losing control of it. It is also important to keep your body straight so that your weight is over your skateboard, rather than in front of it.

360 Shuv

The 360 shuv can be a tough trick to master, but it is a very fun one. It looks very stylish once you get it down, and it can be a great addition to your trick selection. It is important to practice this trick on flat ground, such as your garage or the street in front of your house. This trick can be very difficult to land if you don’t practice it on flat ground.

To do a 360 shuv, you need to scoop with your back foot while the board is in the air. It is easiest to do this while you are in a nollie position. This can be a bit more challenging if you are used to spinning tricks with your front foot, but it is still possible. If you are struggling to spin this trick, it may be because your front foot isn’t in the right place or because you are not scooping hard enough.

You can also try doing a 360 shuv from a fakie position. This can be a bit easier because it will give you the momentum to spin the board faster, but it is still a challenge. If you are having trouble with a fakie 360 shuv, it could be because you are not pushing the back of your board hard enough.

Once you have landed a few fakie 360 shuv, you can start trying to do them with your back foot. You will need to get yourself into a nollie position and crouch down a little so that you can shove the board with your back foot. When you are in this position, you will need to push hard with your back foot and then scoop it forward to make the board spin 360 degrees. It can be helpful to have a friend watch you do this, as they can tell you if your feet are under the deck or if you are not scooping the deck hard enough.

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