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Xtream TV in Webster City, IA – The Cable TV Service That’s Difficult to Ignore!


Webster City, IA, is ranked among the safest cities in America. The quaint town is known to charm tourists with its unique appeal.

Although not commercially or economically outstanding, Webster City in Iowa is considered a great place to start and raise a family for its fair share of factors like low crime rate, personal safety, suburban landscape, and decent community sense.

Even though the small town does have some limitations when it comes to outdoor attractions like fast food restaurants, local eatery joints, coffee shops, or nightclubs, the general feel of Webster City is homey and slightly on the conservative side.

Interestingly, that doesn’t apply to its digital personality for internet usage in this urban- sparsely suburban township is interestingly progressive. Even though many residents of Webster City, IA. are retirees, who opt to relocate to this city to spend the rest of their retirement. But that doesn’t stop the 7,699 (that’s ever-growing!) population to be at par on the digital scale with the rest of the country!

Get Surprised by the Variety of Internet Services in Webster City, IA!

Currently, many ISPs operating in Webster City are top-of-the-range, which include CenturyLink, Xtream by Mediacom, HughesNet, TDS Telecom, Rise Broadband, and ViaSat among plenty of others. When it comes to the different kinds of internet services that are popular in this small civic center, cable internet has 100 percent coverage, that’s followed by DSL internet with 96 percent coverage, and fiber internet with a reasonable 51 percent coverage.

The additional ISP options in the city allow digital users to have a variety of providers at hand. So if the selected one did not meet their service needs, they can always opt for another service. One of the largest telecom companies that is flourishing in the area is Mediacom Internet, which offers massive coverage with download speeds soaring as high as 1 Gbps in the city! This just shows that cable internet is still highly recommended for it comes with uber-high speeds and high-end service reliability, no matter where one is located.

Never Run Out of Entertainment Options With Xtream TV Today!

The Xtream cable TV service is considerably better in Webster City, IA, so it is worth a shot! Although Xtream TV is not a stand-alone service and is usually opted in liaison with Xtream internet or with both internet and digital landline service. That’s why one will find that it’s offered as part of a double-play plan or a triple-play one.

Nevertheless, this provider always ensures that your cable TV service is always brimming with the latest entertainment options in TV and movies that are tailored according to your taste. And without straining the budget either! Moreover, the impressive Xtream TV channel line-up is always a pleasant surprise to its customer base!

The Local TV plan includes around top 50+ local programming networks, such as CBS, ABC, and FOX among plenty of others. This TV package is simply perfect for independent individuals, nuclear families, and the ever-modest TV viewer.

The Essential TV plan includes around top 125+ channel networks that come with standard family entertainment, music, and many other options. Ideal for medium-sized households.

The Variety TV plan includes around 170 premium channels such as BBC America, Bravo, CBS Sports Network, CMT, MTV, ESPN, and Big Ten Network, among countless others! This package is considered best for large families and TV enthusiasts alike.

Spice Up Your Xtream Cable TV With Irresistible TV Add-ons!

The Xtream TV offers exciting add-on options, which always ensure that your TV subscription is personalized just the way you like! These are as follows:

Premium Channel Networks

With Xtream TV, one can truly enjoy the best of the best in programming for your favorite channels added to your selected plan. So now you can watch your preferred TV channels without worrying and can watch any time any place you like – via the TiVo® box and the Xtream TV app.

Enjoy a Diverse Variety of Channel Menus With a Personalized Xtream TV Subscription

The domain of entertainment is boundless. And that’s how it should always be. With Xtream TV, subscribers have the liberty to personalize their existing channel menus and jazz them up the way they like! Take service personalization to the next level by adding a multitude of options to the current Xtream cable TV package. Whether you add international extras to give an exotic twist, like to have a wide range of sports channel lineup just for yourself only, or maybe look forward to quality family time by watching family favorites or are just a music fanatic, personalize your cable TV with these bite-sized packages! These are as follows:

  • Xtream Digital PAKs
  • Xtream Sports & Information PAK
  • Xtream Kids & Variety PAK
  • Xtream Movies & Music PAK
  • Xtream International Extras

To know how to take your Xtream cable TV programming to another level, contact Mediacom Xtream customer support and get the networks of your choice added to the monthly cable TV subscription today

Don’t Miss Out On These Amazing Xtream TV Features!

Besides the plethora of options that one gets with an Xtream TV subscription, the incredible TV features are to be missed as well! These are:

  • Customize and enjoy effortless channel navigation with the smart TiVo® Search & Guide for your home TV 
  • Record popular options or past favorites with the TiVo® DVR and stream up to 1000 SD hours /150 HD hours of terrific video content
  • Use audio search to find TV shows, watch movie flicks, or simply skip ads with the TiVo® Xtream Remote
  • Explore a bevy of cool titles with the Xtream On-Demand Library!

Wrapping Up

Xtream is indeed one of the best providers in the industry today for its continuously trying to elevate and innovate its digital products and services so that subscribers are always in touch with the ever-evolving world of tech.

In case of trouble, which is quite rare with Xtream services, remember to contact Xtream customer service for they are adept with tech solutions and always ready to assist customers round the clock!

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